The Gay/Lesbian/Queer Social Science List

GLQSOC-L is the gay/lesbian/queer social sciences list and is intended to facilitate coordination among sociologists, anthropologists, historians, economists, political scientists, psychologists, and anyone interested in any of these strategies for disciplining anti-homophobic research on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, queers, the transgendered, the cisgendered, hustlers, romantic friends, SM dykes, hijras, bugarrones, leathermen, skinheads and marines who've had over 5 beers, maricones, tortilleras, xanith, zamis, radical feminists, trade (rough or gentle), bulldaggers, queens, those belonging to the emperor, having broken the water pitcher, or from a long way off look like flies, and anyone who would flame me for forgetting them.


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It is a forum for debate about theories, methods, and insights, and for scholars to discuss their research. Please feel free to post announcements, calls for papers, job openings, or anything that will strengthen the infrastructure of the field.

May the Queer God(dess) protect the list from prolific drivelmongering, chain letters, abusive flamewars, 'phobes, and misdirected subscription requests. Most listmembers subscribe to other related mailing lists, so this is NOT an appropriate place to crosspost news items, political mobilizations, virus warnings and other urban legends,spam, spam, ads and spam!

For the news and mobilizations, I strongly recommend subscribing to the GLB-News list: send the message SUB GLB-NEWS "My Name" to



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Last updated July 1999