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It wasn't long ago when El Paso had no formal, full-time gay & lesbian organization.  It was a time when gays and lesbians who were victimized on the streets and in the classrooms had no one to call for help and information. Newspapers and television stations rarely covered gay events that had an impact on our lives, much less featured any stories about local gay community happenings.  It was also a time when El Pasoans had no lesbian & gay community center where they could find information about gay life, gather to support and plan, and organize and educate themselves in a safe, welcoming environment. And it wasn't too many years ago when most of this community's homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendered persons had no one to call, anonymously or otherwise, if they needed to talk or get a referral.

In those days, rainbow stickers and pink triangles were rarely seen anywhere on city streets -- those that appeared went largely unrecognized.  Young gays were left isolated and alone, often attempting suicide or fleeing intolerant homes, without any voice, response, or representation in our community.  Our young queers were forced to fend for themselves because older gays, suffering from homo-homophobia and believing many of society's stereotypes about themselves, thought that any attention to the problems of growing up queer was taboo.

The historical importance of the "lambda" symbol, Stonewall, and pioneer organizations such as NGTF, Lavender Menace, and Mattachine Society, were largely unknown.  There was no IRS-recognized nonprofit gay organization in the area that dedicated resources and channeled energy into reducing apathy, teaching skills to develop future leaders, or challenging rampant misinformation.

This was all occurring in El Paso less than ten years ago . . . before LAMBDA.


LAMBDA began in 1991, and was then known simply as LAMBDA Services.  Since then, our name has officially changed to LAMBDA GLBT Community Services, to better reflect our mission and goals.

Throughout LAMBDA's history, our organization has been respected for its dedication and trustworthiness. LAMBDA's work has impacted thousands of lives, spreading accurate information about whom we are into our region's homes, its workplaces, and even its closets.

LAMBDA has led the effort to create an awareness of homophobia and its effects throughout the area, becoming a major source of information for decision makers and news media. LAMBDA has also worked to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination and violence in homes, businesses, and schools through educational campaigns, non-discrimination leadership, and anti-violence efforts.

Because of LAMBDA, gay and non-gay teenagers have had weekly peer support group meetings to help them find and form friendships, answer questions, and provide invaluable information and resources to each other.  As LAMBDA volunteers, individuals of all ages and backgrounds take part in helping to educate and support the public in matters relating to homosexuality. Today, LAMBDA continues its efforts to enlighten, and end violence and discrimination against lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, gay, and HIV-positive people.

In pursuit of its mission, LAMBDA focuses on support, education, and advocacy through four main strategies:

  • EDUCATE OURSELVES: To organize the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to provide a source for accurate information about and within our community
  • EDUCATE THE PUBLIC: To improve the public's understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community by providing accurate information, offering seminars and workshops, and conducting public education campaigns.
  • EMPOWER: To reduce homo-homophobia, encourage empowerment, and expand understanding of sexual orientation and related issues by working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations and individuals.
  • HELP: To recognize, reduce, and respond to the effects of homophobia, prejudice, and ignorance by designing and implementing educational and supportive programs.

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