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LAMBDA is constantly changing to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters.  We've designed this survey so you can let us know what is on your mind and to help us know what we're doing right.

And because we care about our community, we all work very hard to do more -- and to do what we do better.
. All information will be used only by LAMBDA and will be handled in strict confidence.  Your individual responses will not be sold, shared or provided to any other group.  If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, simply omit your name from this form. 

This survey is divided into the following sections: 

  • About you
  • Your general impressions about LAMBDA
  • Your experiences, in general and with LAMBDA
  • Form submission
Please fill out the information in each section as requested.  Then, at the end of the form, enter your name and contact information, and submit the form.  You will receive a confirmation message from us shortly. 



SECTION A -- Tell us a little about yourself...

How old are you? 

What is your sexual orientation? Gay Lesbian Bisexual 
Asexual Heterosexual I'm unsure/no answer 

What is your gender? Male Female MTF FTM

What is your relationship status?

How long have you lived in the city where you now reside?

We would like to send you information about LAMBDA and important community happenings.

(Note: All personal information submitted to LAMBDA is strictly confidential and everything is mailed discreetly to protect your privacy.)
Zip/Postal Code 

SECTION B -- What are your general impressions of LAMBDA and the quality of our services?

Please choose or enter the answer that best describes your impressions of LAMBDA. 

How did you first hear about LAMBDA?

A friend/relative A counselor Saw an ad or poster Generation Q Pride Store Learned about it at a bar/nightclub At_school A flyer/pamphlet A search-engine (e.g., Google) LAMBDA's newsletter Mainstream newspaper or magazine Gay guide (e.g., Damron's, Gayellow Pages) Queer/alternative newspaper/magazine Phone book On the Web or ISP (e.g., AOL) TV news Another GLBT group Other I don't remember / no answer 

I believe the biggest problem facing the GLBT community as a whole right now is:

The biggest problem facing my local GLBT community right now is:

The biggest problem facing GLBT youth right now is:

One thing I'd like to see LAMBDA do is:

It seems to me that LAMBDA is...

I believe that LAMBDA is owned...

Overall, I think LAMBDA's contribution to the GLBT community has been...

Please select the LAMBDA areas you are most interested in:

Anti-Violence Project 
Youth OUTreach 
Hate Crimes Hotline 
Community Center 
Social activities / movie nights / dances 
Discussion groups / seminars 
HIV testing/information 
Library / archives 
Educational workshops 
Support groups 
Community information
Speakers bureau
Fundraising / membership 
Pride events 

Have you ever volunteered with LAMBDA? Yes No

Have you ever made a donation to LAMBDA? Yes No

Would you consider making a donation to LAMBDA (now or in the future)? Yes No

With what other gay/friendly organizations/groups do you volunteer or belong? 

What gay magazines, periodicals, or email lists do you regularly read?

Has LAMBDA ever disappointed you or not met your needs?
If so, please tell us what happened: 


SECTION C -- Tell us about your experiences

When was the last time you felt threatened or were threatened/attacked by someone because of your sexual orientation, HIV-status or gender identity?
0-1 year ago 
5+ years ago
1-2 years ago 
3-5 years ago 
I'm unsure

Please tell us about the latest incident where you felt threatened or were in an abusive/violent situation because of your sexual orientation, including incidents at home. Please be sure to tell us if the situation was with a relative, friend, lover or stranger (or a combination) and any additional comments regarding what happened and what you have done about it:

To report gay-related violence, go to http://www.HATE-CRIME.NET

Are you already on LAMBDA's mailing list? (If we haven't heard from you lately or if you've moved, your name may have been removed.)

Would you like to join our e-mail list? 

Is it safe for us to e-mail you (discreetly) at the address you entered above?

Would you like to become a member of LAMBDA?

Any other comments on LAMBDA, this web site, or anything else you care to share?

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in our survey.

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