The Real MMM

OK, truth be told, the reason it became the Million Man March was because The Committee needed something that would sell. The original idea was to have a Million Black People March on Washington but The Committee couldn't make it work. Plus there was the fear that too many people would give it the "been there, done that" response.

The Committee tried names that might work but none of them produced the desired panache. The Million African American March, MAAM was tried. The Million Black March, MBM was tried. The MNM was scrapped immediately!

Finally, The Committee which many believe is headquarted on Madison Avenue, decided to take a risk. It was decided to have only men march. As I heard it, The Committee felt that such a risk would net the desired result.

Once it was decided that only men would march, ideas gelled. It was originally to be the MMMM but The Committee doesn't want anyone to know its headquarters are on Madison Avenue. Plus alliterations based on three have a more saleable ring to them than do alliterations based on four.

So it was decided that it would be the Million Man March. It was perfect. It was controversial, politically incorrect, and patriarchal. Added bonuses were a stated numerical goal, an easy to remember name, alliteration, and a logo that would look good on T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, tote bags and banners.

The Committee felt it couldn't lose. According to what I heard, The Committee expected that the talk generated by women bad-mouthing the march would generate at least several hundred thousand marchers alone. Several hundred thousand more would be generated by members of the media such as George Will and Rush Limbaugh and politicians like Newt Gingrich advising black men not to participate.

The Committee now needs to atone for having been politically incorrect; successful but politically incorrect. The Committee is organizing a march for black women. Unfortunately, The Committee has been unable to come up with a name that will really sell the event. Because it is easier to sell anything a second time, the name does not have to be as catchy as the first. In addition, there is the added bonus that the women will want to out do the men. The Committee's job of selecting a name is therefor somewhat easier.

The Committee's first idea was a bomb. No one was buying the Wonder(ful) Woman Walk. It was too obvious that such a name would only be used to sell off excess inventory from the Million Man March. Articles emblazoned with MMM could be turned over and used again for the WWW. Besides, walk is not as forceful as march. It sounded more like a stroll through the flowers, than a statement of sisterhood and solidarity. Finally, it was feared that WWW might be misinterpreted as the White Woman Walk.

Likewise, The Committee's second attempt at a name was also scrapped. While the September Seventh Sisterhood Stepoff, had date identification, it had the problem of a four "S" alliteration. It would be messy for people with lisps to say and sounded more like a sorority event than a political rally. Sisterhood Solidarity Stepoff was also scrapped when The Committee realized that selling a triple "S" name to black folks was only slightly better than trying to sell one with a triple "K."

Currently, the working title for the march is the Million Woman March on Washington, MWMW. While it does not have alliteration, it does have double paired letters. It will make a great logo! In addition, double paired letters lend themselves to animation. A television campaign is planned this time.

The Committee would also like to atone for any appearance of homophobia with the MMM. However, The Committee was successful in its efforts to piss black SGL (gay) men off to the point where they attended the MMM in large numbers. With the MWMW (working title) The Committee says, "of course lesbians are welcome. Who else do you think is going to do all the hard work!?"

This work was contributed anonymously by someone who perhaps swam too many laps and may be suffering from (ODID) Oxygen Deprivation Induced Dementia or chronic (TNJC) The N's Just Crazy.

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