Anti-gay Propaganda of the Religious Right


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Conservative leaders criticize violence in movies and on television because of its impact on real-life violence.

Yet now, after the murder of Matthew Shepard, these same conservative leaders deny that anti-gay rhetoric has real-life consequences. They can't have it both ways.

I challenge them to repudiate that rhetoric and denounce the comments of anti-gay activists with the same fervor that they castigate the entertainment industry, and for the same reasons.

Ideas have consequences, and hatred is an idea with dire consequences.

-- ANNE R. SAMUELSON (from New York Times "Letters to the Editor", 27 October, 1998)

NEW! Freedom Writer March/April/May 1993, "The anti-gay Nineties" by Frederick Clarkson
NEW! Understanding the Gay Agenda Viewer's Notes and Historical Comments About Anti-Gay Propaganda, by Brad L. Graham
A comprehensive analysis of the propagandistic aspects of The Gay Agenda video.

NEW! Cleaning Out the Closeta Biblical Look at Homosexuality.
NEW! Questions About Homosexuality by H. A. "Buster" Dobbs
NEW! Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, publisher of the Lambda Report
NEW! Stop Promoting Homosexuality International
NEW! Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far by Charles Socarides
The Annotated Pink Swastika, a well-written refuation of many of the key assertions made by Religious Right propagandists Lively and Abrams in their book.
The Pink Swastika, Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Kevin Abrams and Scott Lively
Military Necessity and Homosexuality by Colonel Ronald D. Ray, USMCR (Ret.), of the The Institute for Media Education, founded and headed by Judith A. Reisman.
Contra Mundum, Number 2, Summer 1992, Liberty or License ? Bowers v. Hardwick & Ambivalent America at the Crossroads by Michael E. Stubblefield
"Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do", by Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute.
Paul Cameron's propaganda is prototypical of much anti-gay propaganda produced by the Religious Right.
Wisconsin Anti-Gay attack from right wing, more details from a mailing list archive, on the activities and propaganda of Wisconsin Christians United.
A Lesbian Activist's Comments on Homosexuality by Joseph Berger, M.D., of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)
"Homosexuals Can't Be Ignored Any Longer" by Mark E. Howerter
The Homosexual Lifestyle is Not Normal by Mark E. Howerter
Jesse Helms "Homosexual Rights Need Clear and Direct Debate", from The Congressional Record, 31 July, 1995
Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays: A Question of Orientation and Consequences A public policy analysis by Tony Marco
"What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexual Issues?", by Tony Marco
Christian Leadership Ministries - Critical Issues "The Gay '90's: A Response to the Gay Activist Movement "
Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths produced by the American Family Association
A well-written piece, aimed at middle-America, targetting homosexuals and the "homosexual agenda".
Premise Magazine, "The Bible in the Moral War over the Rejection of Homosexuality by the Military Services: A View from Inside the Pentagon" by Daniel R. Heimbach, August 27, 1995
"What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexual Issues?", by Tony Marco
A letter from CWA to its members, dated November 1995, again attacking the National Education Association and gays and lesbians.

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