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Fringe Right-wing Movements, Conspiracy Theorists, Militias, Racists, Holocaust Revisionists and Neo-nazis ____________________

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This page explores some of the extremist fringes of the Religious Right. While many of the more mainstream Religious Right will disclaim and repudiate many of the extreme views herein contained, these views have consistently been propounded by some within the Religious Right, albeit in somewhat watered-down forms. These fringe movements are also where some of the influencing philosophies of the mainstream Religious Right -- particularly nativism and populism, can be seen most clearly. Many of these groups, particularly the Identity Christianity, and neo-Nazi groups are also virulently anti-homosexual.

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Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theories, particularly "New World Order" conspiracy theories have strongly influenced segments of the religious right, especially those of the religious right who believe in the impending return of Jesus Christ, preceded by a seven year period of chaos which they refer to as "the great tribulation". These theories were largely pioneered by the work of the John Birch Society, which, in addition to being strongly anti-communist, saw the United Nations as the instrument of an international communist conspiracy. These views are particularly apparent in several of Pat Robertson's books, including The New World Order and others. Conspiracy theories are also especially evident in the writings of the religious right fringes, as typified by Texe Marrs, and in much of the material produced by the many far-right militia groups.

Militia Groups

The modern day militia movement (if a single homogeneous movement can be said to exist), contains elements of agreement with the Religious Right, as well as elements of opposition to the Religious Right. It is, at the same time, nativist, populist and authoritarian, traits shared by the more mainstream Religious Right, and individualist, libertarian, and anti-authoritarian, traits which are fundamentally in opposition to the Religious Right.

While the militia movement contains many who are adherents to Christian Identity and White Supremacism, some of whom are in positions of authority, power and influence within the movement, those who hold these views are by no means predominant or ascendant within the militia movement. The militia movement is not, in and of itself a Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist or Racist movement.

The militia movement also contains many who are adherents of the various "New World Order" Conspiracy Theories.

White Supremacism and Racism

Christian Identity

Identity Christianity is an extreme fringe group, which holds that the White, Anglo-Saxon/Germanic peoples are the true Israel, and that Jews are Satanic/demonic pretenders. Identity Christianity is, other than their bizarre racial beliefs, remarkably similar in theology to Christian Reconstructionism -- both maintain postmillenialist, highly Calvinistic belief systems. Identity Christianity, in their frequent vocal attacks against lesbians and gay men, follow a direct conclusion from the ethical and moral philosophies of Reconstructionism, in their strong emphasis on Old Testament law as guidelines for Christians in gaining ascendancy within society.

Holocaust Revisionism and Neo-Naziism

In addition to the 'traditional' form of anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionism, practiced by the extremist fringes of the religious right such as the Institute for Historical Review, a new form of anti-gay Holocaust revisionism, endorsed and sponsored by the more mainstream religous right, including Colorado for Family Values and the Oregon Citizen's Alliance, has recently emerged. The new anti-gay Holocaust revisionism alleges that gay men were not particularly persecuted under the German Nazi regime, and additionally, that homosexual men were especially prevalent in the ranks of German Naziism, and were in large part, the motivators of the Jewish Holocaust. This new form of Holocaust revisionism is typified by the book The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively (formerly of the Oregon Citizen's Alliance) and Kevin Abrams.

While not, in any way attempting to diminish the repugnance of 'traditional' anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionism, this new form of Holocaust revisionism poses a grave danger insofar as it is sponsored and endorsed by groups which are (marginally) closer to the political center than those groups which promulgate 'traditional' Holocaust revisionism. These groups have also shown, through the several anti-gay Oregon ballot initiatives, and the Colorado amendment two, that they are able and willing to influence public opinion to persecute gay men and lesbians.

We stand with our Jewish friends, brothers, and sisters in remembering the senseless and brutal slaughter of over six million of our fellow human beings -- straight and gay, Jewish and Gentile, men and women, and in proclaiming "Never Again!"

Other Fringe Right Wing Movements

The Constitution Action Party
Not particularly conspiracist, neo-nazi or militaristic in their outlook.
The Creators Rights Party
Their goal: restoring God's plan for government to its rightful place of authority in this nation.

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