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The American Family Association, headed by the Rev. Donald Wildmon, headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, serves as the "media watchdog" of the radical religious right. Their primary activities have been the organization of boycotts and letter writing campaigns targetted at businesses and media entities which promulgate soft porn (ex. Playboy), or portray lesbians and gay men in a positive light. Secondarily, the American Family Association targets violence on television. The American Family Association publishes a monthly newsletter (the most recent edition of which is available on their web site) listing those television shows, businesses, and advertisers who they are currently targetting, as well as opinion pieces.

Wildmon gained a modicum of national prominence after he sued to stop the release of the film Damned in the USA which examined the issues of censorship and the arts, prominently (and uncomplimentarily) featuring interviews with Wildmon. Wildmon lost the lawsuit, and this film remains one of the best resources for those wishing to learn more about Donald Wildmon and the American Family Association.

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The Rev. Donald E. Wildmon's Crusade for Censorship 1977-1992 by Christopher M. Finan and Anne F. Castro of The Media Coalition, Inc.
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The American Family Association
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OutReach, a division of the American Family Association to those "afflicted with pornograpphy and other sexual addictions."

In their own words...

The American Family Association's OutReach Division offers national workshops for individuals afflicted with pornography and other sexual addictions and for any couple wanting to restore spiritual and emotional intimacy in their marriage. We want to help people who can't help themselves.

American Family Association Letter to Senator James Exon regarding the Internet pornography bill.
Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Mythsby Richard G. Howe
A well-written piece, aimed at middle-America, targetting homosexuals and the "homosexual agenda".

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