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Anti-abortionism, while not a directly queer-related issue, distinguishes itself as one of the few issues other than gay / lesbian / bi equal rights that defines the religious right. Not all anti-abortionists are per se part of the religious right, but all of the religious right are necessarily anti-abortion.

"Oral Roberts v. Oral Sex: Stimulating Thoughts on Abortion, Sex, and Public Policy"
Freedom Writer, November 1995, "Police prevent abortion"
Freedom Writer, March 1996,"Secret files menace doctors" by Skipp Porteous
Freedom Writer, November 1995 (Originally: January 1986),"Terrorist war against abortion"
Freedom Writer, October 1995, "Clinic attack thwarted"
Freedom Writer, September 1995, "Operation Rescue founder calls for a Christian nation"
Freedom Writer, July/August 1995, "Operation Rescue hits LA"
This document exposes some interesting linkages between anti-abortion advocates and militia extremists.
Life Advocate (an anti-abortion publication) commentary on the presence of a pro-life lesbian and gay organization (PLAGAL) at a pro-life rally.
God, Guns and Terror: Missionaries to the Preborn by Tom Burghardt
Dialectics of Terror A National Directory of the Direct Action Anti-Abortion Movement and Their Allies, by Tom Burghardt
"Abortion Rights a Channel For Ecumenism", by David W. Cloud, from O Timothy, May, 1992.
O Timothy is a publication of Way of Life Literature, a publishing ministry of Bible Baptist Church, of Oak Harbor, Washington.

Operation Rescue

NEW! A History of Operation Rescue from The Forerunner (a Christian Reconstructionist publication).
Operation Rescue National
NEW! Operation Rescue Colorado

American Life League

American Life League
NEW! American Life League's ProLife Encyclopedia
American Life League's Lifeguard BBS

National Right to Life Committee and Associated Organizations

The National Right to Life Committee
Right to Life of Idaho
Indiana Citizens for Life
Kentucky Right to Life Association
Right to Life of Michigan
Ohio Right to Life

Other Pro-Life / Anti-Abortion Organizations

NEW! Life Coalition International
Human Life International
Index of Prolife Resources on the Web
Ultimate Pro-life Resource List
D.C. Metro Prolife News/Events Line
Life Is For Everyone
Bethany Christian Services -- an organization for helping those with "crisis pregnancies".
The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL)
Witchcraft and Abortion - Are They Related ?
This document is written from a Christian Reconstructionist point of view, and is strongly typical of the pro-life rhetoric of the Religious Right.
Is Violence Justified in Defending Life? An interview with Andrew Sandlin
The Resort to Violence: Can it Ever be Justified in Behalf of Righteousness? by Dr. David R. Reagan
"News Angers Pro-Lifers" from The Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage December, 1995
An interesting look at the tactics of pro-lifers, as described by pro-lifers.
"Neighbors: "Roe,"OR!" from The Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage May, 1995
Regarding Operation Rescue (OR) taking rent-free office space nextdoor to a women's health clinic.
Kuyper [Institute] Briefing (part of the Center for the Advancement of PaleoOrthodoxy (CAPO))"Pro-Life Caucus Update", April 10, 1995

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